drones in india


About Funaster The Drone company

Established in 2014, Funaster is led by a team devoted to make you as crazy as they are about drones. We believe that drones have a lot of potential and will change the way people complete simple tasks in the coming years. We are working at uncovering all the different aspects of drones and developing new applications for them. We look forward to showing the world how easily drones can be incorporated in their lives and encouraging people to use them with your support.

Feedback Reviews by some of our clients

  • Sachin Kashyap Captain, Indian Army If genuine, ingenious and professional products is what you are looking for, Funaster is THE PLACE. Their ever extending service will not only make business, but build a relation aswell. Thank you Funaster !
  • Shiraz Chand Founder, Coptergraphs I would like to thank Funaster for all the support and service they provide on immediate situations.
  • Hitesh Patel Owner, Pro Aeromodelling Funaster gives the most genuine prices and is proactive in terms of customer support. This is one of the few companies in India which is technically strong in this field.

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