Drones, the new trend in Delhi

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are one of the most talked about invention of this century. The mere visualization of flying robots conjures futuristic images in the mind. Fully controlled and accurate flying has made so many unfathomable and dangerous things possible. The usage of drones in Delhi has multiplied due to more practical and better designs. Delhi kids are mastering the skills of its air-borne camera work at a much younger age. Spellbinding aerial shots posted on their Facebook Account are getting them good amount of likes too!
Drones have provided the edge in aerial photography, surveillance and have added new media for advertising. Full HD camera with crisp pictures and high quality video provides footage for both private and professional purposes. Enthusiastic movie makers are making use of these fully automatic flying objects to capture the aerial shots that didn’t even seem possible before. Feasibility of clicking beautiful but treacherous terrains is a reality today mainly due to autonomous feature of drones.



Delhi is well known for organizing open air musical concerts. Trendier musicians are making sure to get that added attention of the audience by getting event covered through camera-fitted drones. High tech camera integrated in the drone click the most amazing aerial view shots of the waving and cheering crowd and at the end of the show the keyed up listeners have extra spicy things to talk about. These cameras are equipped with a very useful image stabilizing feature resulting in high resolution and blur free results in both still pictures and short films that are shot from air.


More and more people are getting attracted to these highly appealing automatic aircrafts. The rechargeable batteries supporting the latest drones are much more efficient and have thus resulted in enhanced flight time from a few minutes to two digits now. The drone industry has multiplied tremendously and the incredible growth is in solid upward swing. It is estimated to touch 100 billion over the next decade.
Large open grounds in Delhi have become the meeting point for all keen fliers, especially over weekends and on holidays. These drones have become the prime source of high-end sports and recreation for youngsters of Delhi, provisioning for huge adrenaline rush and enormous excitement. Young pilots are emerging at full throttle as drones are now available at much affordable price and one can pick from stores or shop on net. Purchasing drones online are now much safer and securer, reliability has increased due to offered guarantee and genuine return back policies.
Military usage has already been well known and now even Delhi police is also deriving assistance from drones for surveillance purpose. Lately, the UAVs have been capturing the headlines quite often in Delhi, as more and more police force is seeking help to patrol the skies of the troubled areas. Camera fitted drones have become viable and more practical option to be deployed for surveying violence-hit areas. Keeping high alert check via aerial view has proved very beneficial in case of any incident.

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