Drones used for Narendra Modi’s rally in Gaya

Drones were used for surveillance and security recently for a Narendra Modi rally in Gaya, Bihar. The Indian Prime Minister, addressed the rally on August 9 2015 prior to the state assembly elections. Elaborate security arrangements were made for the high profile ‘parivartan’ rally.

Fleet of drones, 2,000 constables and 1,000 magistrates and police officers were deployed on rally duty. Off lately drones have become very popular in India for crowd control and surveillance. The drones, more commonly known in India as Helicam. These become the eyes in the sky for the police department to survey gathering.

Recently Lucknow police in Uttar Pradesh procured drones capable of spraying chili powder on crowd in order to disperse them. Other cities of Uttar Pradesh, like Muzaffarnagar, Ghaziabad also equipped themselves with drones. Drones are now becoming an integral part of police equipment for every city in India.

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