drones for photography


Introducing XIRO Xplorer

XIRO Xplorer is the latest drone in the market for aerial photography. Just buy the drone and start flying. It comes with the revolutionary technology which ensures zero maintainance and easy upgrades. The small and smart design is unique in the world and is only available with XIRO.

5200mAh LiPo smart battery

  1. Small and Smart Design
  2. Zero Maintainance
  3. Auto Takeoff & Landing

High Performance HD Camera

|1080p 30 or 720p 60 crystal clear video recording| 14M pixels photo shooting| Adobe RAW support|

Integrated range extender Increase range upto 800meters

The Integrated Range Extender increases the range up to 800 metres. Its ergonomic design makes the remote less bulky and easy
to use.

XIRO Xplorer

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