Introducing XIRO Xplorer V

XIRO Xplorer introduced by XIRO was launched recently in NAB Show 2015. The XIRO XPLORER, previously known as the ZERO XPLORER or the ZERO DRONE was designed by ZERO UAV and is being manufactured by Rapoo Shenzhen. This latest drone in the market is becoming very popular among budding aerial photographers and even professionals. The simplicity of the design and the possibility to upgrade the plug in parts makes it different from the other drones in the market.

Some of the features this drone has:
1) Auto take off and landing
2) One key return to home
3) Follow me
4) Google Maps waypoints
5) Vibration alerts on remote control
6) Up-gradable parts
7) Switches to GPS mode automatically
8) Integrated range extender
9) Easy removable gimbal
10) Compact size for easy transportation


Short video made on XIRO XPLORER V:

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