Surveillance Drones in India

Surveillance is one of the most beneficial applications of drones in India. Autonomous aerial surveillance is now possible due to technically advanced cameras that are now being integrated in the available drones. First-hand surveillance with the help of automatic unmanned aircrafts has opened the doors of various security related departments. One can derive the benefit from these reliable flying drones in countless ways.
Close watch is executed by low flying drones with sophisticated cameras having special software for streamlining their recording over the connected receiving devices. They can focus automatically according to the need and are also equipped with zooming feature along with bright LED light that can be tilted at various desired angles.
Private and commercial security solutions are popularly being derived by the fleet of surveillance drones, flying around the property area on regular interval of time. Real time videos can be easily viewed, making the monitoring so much easier than before. Large number of security staff is not required due to autopilot UAVs that are endowed with advanced technology of artificial intelligence are supervizing around the clock.
Highly advanced UAVs have been deployed by Indian police force for aerial patrolling purpose. Air surveillance network is being thoroughly utilized by Indian traffic police to monitor license plates of fast moving cars and trucks and have been able to get hold of escaping culprits. Speeding cars now cannot escape from these highly sophisticated surveillance drones that been connected to Point to Point speed cameras. Even the stolen vehicles now have better chance of getting detected by sharp eye of camera fitted in the flying drones.

Disaster-area surveillance by drones can detect the survivors and help them by dropping the supplies carried in their fitted pocket. In a very difficult to access spots, providing alms to the needy is a very perilous job, many a times, the help provided by automatic flying aircrafts prove to be the matter of life and death for the missing and lost people.
Timely detection of activist activities is of utmost importance for nation’s security. Helicopters, in the past, have been employed to supervise and collect the discreet data especially at the border area. But they bear many shortcomings, they are very easily seen, even from far and make too much noise. On the other hand, the motor of minidrones emit very less sound and is much more effective in tactful supervision. In the night time, these tiny drones are practically undetectable and have established its efficacy in Border Aerial Surveillance.
In this time when there is dearth of trustworthy security person who can keep sharp check on your house and working area, these camera fitted minidrones prove to be great investment that will help you to reap the benefits over period of many years. You can be assured that your security will not be compromised as live real time video coverage is relayed on the screen, making your guarded property very difficult to intercept.

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