Understanding XIRO XPLORER V

Endowed with the best of the features in the drone world, the slick design of Xiro Xplorer has captured fancy of all drone lovers; infact added new ones too, to the fan list. This latest drone is grabbing the attention of all and rightfully so. Quadcopters come with four propulsion rotors that have made the XIRO Xplorer extra powerful drone.

The best thing about Xiro Xplorer is that you will neither require any puzzling assembly nor any boggling prerequisites. Now isn’t that great? Xiro Xplorer Quadcopter is ready to fly the moment it reaches your doorstep. Being Pre-tuned, you can experience flying this great UAV within minutes by just putting on the powerful propellers. The user of this amazing UAV will find its flight control system very easy to operate. Beginners can enjoy Xiro Xplorer equally as it comes with multi-level flight mode.

XIRO Xplorer (V Version) is a pioneering Quadcopter, and among the various intriguing key features that this innovatively created drone has is the Remote Transmitter with UZ350V Gimbal. The most up-to-date 1080P 30FPS HD Video Camera makes it a must-have in drone category. Superior GPS coverage makes outdoor flight totally hassle free.

You can choose from the three great options depending on your requirement and of course your budget. The basic ready to fly version is Xiro Xplorer, even though it does not have the camera but it can be upgraded. Xiro Vision comes with awesome Full HD camera which is integrated along with 3 axis gyro stabilised gimbal. The most enviable Pro version is also equipped with 3 axis gyro stabilised gimbal for GoPro Hero 3 and 4 for capturing and displaying live video footage.

Aerial photography is very easy, the incredible pictures clicked by Zero Explorer Drone surely will express your subject much more vividly. Camera recording has ingenious feature of vibration control and even if you are not a professional, still you can capture very good quality and crystal clear aerial recording. Blur photos are things of past with XIRO (ZERO) XPLORER VISION QUADCOPTER. You can connect this with you Wi-Fi enabled smart phone and catch the real-time video footage.  One can even do recording in slow motion and preview it through the wide-screened phone that you had hoisted on the console. Additional features of “Follow Me” and “Circle Around Me” will get you best of the Selfie shots that you can boastfully show off to your friends.

You can enjoy very long aerial journey time with extremely reliable 5200mAh lithium polymer (LiPo) battery. The flight time of XIRO Xplorer differs according to which model you pick and is anywhere from 18 to 25 min, which is pretty decent, keeping in mind the battery usage in video clicking. LiPo Battery is very easy to remove and gets charged in a jiffy. Indicator tells how much usable battery is left and the owner of this great UAV need not worry about losing as it has very useful auto return home feature if the battery is getting low. Furthermore, landing is easy as breeze with double-angled feet.

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